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HRM Magnus Tindal

About HRM Magnus Tindal:

The year is 47, the Romans have established the settlement of Londinium on the river Thames. This is where you would find His Royal Highness Tindal. His Royal Majesty is a Romanan from the island of Britain. Though he prefers the dress in the fashion of Rome, he is willing to adopt the clothing styles of other areas within the scope of the empire, though rarely from time periods after the Roman empire fell. His Majesty was born in the Barony of Concordia but has spent significant time in Atlanta and AEthelmearc before returning home to the East. Having experienced the different cultures found across the known world. His Majesty enjoys inclusion of the diverse population found within the SCA.
On the field with the Eastern army is where you are most likely to find King Tindal. But his interests extend beyond material pursuits. Pursuing Illumination, embroidery, and storytelling; His Majesty enjoys engaging with the community of artists within the society and expanding his knowledge. Tindal enjoys and wants to encourage the diversity of interests pursued by the population of the East. His motto is “esse decretorium” or Be Decisive.

His Majesty is interested in:
Learning about daily life practices in non-western European cultures.
Armored fighting, rapier fighting, listening to upbeat songs and funny stories, casting and metalwork.
Rattan weapon construction to make more historically accurate weapon silhouettes.

His Majesty likes:
The colors green, images from classical mythology especially Medusa.
Products from every corner of the Roman empire.
Talking about history and military tactics. Illumination. Teaching fighting. Strategy games.

His Majesty likes to eat and drink:
cheese, fruit, vegetables, eggs, mustard, more cheese, bread.
drinks: water, hot or cold coffee (with milk and sugar)
Alcoholic drinks: cider, gin, whisky

His Majesty would like events to feature:
Activities inclusive of youth

HRM Tindal’s Arms: Vert, two stags combatant argent

HRM G. Emerson True

About King Consort Emerson

His Royal Majesty Emerson’s primary area of study is in late 16th century English daily life.  Taking a cue from 1st person reenactors, He likes to study and understand the everyday items and practices that were used by late 16th century English people.  He often spends more time looking at the items around a person in a portrait than the clothing of the person is wearing.   He is continuing to study and make improvements on the décor and furnishings of his pavilion while on campaign.  He is also keen of learning more about table setting rituals and manners.  His motto is “Semper Vera” or Always True.

His Magesty is interested in:

Learning about daily life practices in non-western European cultures.

Décor and furnishing of pavilions while on campaign.

Subtilties (illusion foods). He has made many over the years and is always intrigued with what people can create.

His Majesty likes:

The colors black, gold, gooseturd green (yes…it’s a real color), bee skeps, and fleur d’lys. White linens on a table, bees wax tapers, 16th century jewelry, baroque pearls, dogs, English country dancing, card games (eg. Primero, Poch). Shopping!

His Majesty dislikes:

Live snakes

His Majesty likes to eat and drink:

Meat, cheese, vegetables, eggs, mustard, manchet breads  shortbread, marzipan subtilties. Unsweetened drinks: ice in cold drinks, water, hot or cold tea, hot coffee Alcoholic drinks: local ciders, sour beers, unoaked chardonnay, Pinot Noir, gin, bourbon

His Majesty will not eat or drink:

Spicy hot foods, honey (as the primary ingredient or flavor), honey butter, cilantro, tonic water.

His Majesty would like events to feature:

Display of personal heraldic banners, merchants,

HRM Emerson’s arms: Sable, on a pale between two lions combatant or, three fleur d’lys sable, augmented, within a canton or, a tyger passant, azure.

HRM Emerson’s badge: fieldless, on a bee skep or, a fleur d’lys sable.