Largesse – Gifts and Tokens

Call for Largesse

Their Royal Majesties Tindal and Emerson call upon the good gentles of the
East — artisans, crafters, and all of a generous spirit to help fill the coffers of the
East Kingdom with largesse to be shared near and far.
What is Largesse?
Largesse is the virtue of giving or spending freely from abundance to benefit
others. Largesse also refers to items given, small or large, simple or grand.
From our Eastern abundance of creativity, skill, talent, generosity, and service,
the Royals bestow largesse freely as tokens of recognition for service, of
welcome and encouragement for newcomers, and of goodwill and esteem for
other kingdoms.
Their Majesties Preference
Handmade items that will enhance the clothing and atmosphere of our events
are preferred. Largesse items should be clearly labeled with the name and
contact information of the maker. A description of your largesse item(s) is often
helpful. Food or cosmetic items must include a list of all ingredients. As HRM
Emerson is a voracious shopper, items purchased from merchants are also
always welcome.
Examples: hoods, leather or fabric pouches, belt hooks, trims, knitted or
nalbinding hats, mittens, bottle holders, buttons, beads, necklaces, needle
cases, bags, boxes, chests, games, lanterns, armor repair kits, duct tape, sewing
repair kits, napkins, cup covers, handkerchiefs, children’s items, honey, table
candles, candle holders, cups, feast gear items, etcetera. Any small item that
enhances a persona or event will be appreciated.
Your service, art, and generosity enrich our society and are greatly valued by the
recipients as well as the Their Majesties. Largesse can be given to us or any
member of the staff at an event or mailed. Please email Janna if you plan to
mail largesse.

Lady Janna von Guggisberg (Janna Harton)

THL John fitz Thomas (Jon Harton)

Largesse Coordinators